Friday, May 29, 2009


School's out for the next 84 days. What do I do? I have decided I want each day to start with chores and a little school work. Where do I find school work? Any suggestions? I have no idea!

I also decided that by doing chores and homework the kids can earn points towards things like a trip to Lagoon or the zoo (thanks Tam). Sound good? So I know I can come up with chores, but I need help with curriculum!


Diana said...

I went to the alphabet station on state in Orem and bought a work book for each of my kids. They have books from pre~K to jr high then they do a page each morning and read a chapter to me. very easy for them and it makes me feel they are not losing everything they learned at school.

Katie said...

There are some fun math sites too... Since a lot of what my kids forget is math, we're planning on using them. The one that looked the best was It even has a section for ages 3-5, and for older kids, pre-algebra lessons. So much funner than filling out worksheets! :)

Mique (as in Mickey) said...

Hey Carlie-
I did a post on 30days with all kinds of ideas. Check it out.
We get out next week and I'm freaking out!!!

Cori said...

Workbooks work!! I've used them for years and I let my kids go at their own pace, but offer a reward when it is completed. Emma's already doing several pages a day to finish and Haili is working towards a Jamba juice when her's is done.