Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pacifier or Binkie?

I have had one problem since I started my business. What do you call that thing that babies stick in their mouth and suck on? Is it a pacifier or a binkie. I have chosen to call it a binkie, so my product is a binkie clip. But there are many different names for it; pacifier clip, pacifier holder, binkie clip, binkie holder, binkie bungie, pacifier bungie, pacifier leash, binkie leash, pacifier chain, binkie chain, and probably many more. This has made it a hard product to sell. People search online for it, but they get different results depending on what they call it. Hopefully someday it will be a common enough product that everyone will call it the same thing; a binkie clip, or better yet, a baby bintz!


CoraLea said...

Or is it a soother?

I don't think I've ever called it a binkie. Pacifier seems to be fairly universal but good question!

Hmmm... the things you need to think about!

Girls Beaded Socks said...

It is binkie at our house :)