Saturday, December 31, 2011

Families of the Dump

We were able to spend our Christmas-Eve-eve feeding the people of Magisterio, Mexico. It was a lot of fun and really good to see that my kids can work hard all day without complaint. Our contribution was so small in comparison to what we came home with. I feel like I need to adopt the saying, "Give more, want less."

I am so touched by the volunteers running this program. They are such Christ-like examples of service. They give and give and all they get in return are hugs. Brenda, in the hot pink has been living in Puerto Vallarta for 5 years running this program with her husband Jon. They left their family in Canada to service this community.

I'm touched by the multi-millionaire who owns Paradise Village, Graziano. He is a self-made millionaire who seems the benefit of helping others. He is building a 92 unit housing complex that will take these squatters off the dirt roads and give them a roof. He also donated these 2 truck loads of food we passed out.

There are so many organizations trying to do good, yet the major problems of this world are still so present. So many people deal with dirty drinking water, hunger, lack of education, poverty, sex trafficking and slavery, political unrest, war, disease, lack of health care, and on and on. If only there were good solutions. After reading books and watching documentaries and learning about some of these problems, real solutions seem fleeting. I secretly wish I could pick an issue, say clean drinking water, and fix it. I know its not possible, so I've resolved that I just have to do what little I can and hope it matters. One goal for 2012 is to spend a little less time "consuming" and a little more time "sharing."

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