Friday, October 14, 2011

She Changed Me

My sister and her husband lost their beautiful baby girl yesterday. She was only on this earth for a short 15 months but she was such a presence. Everyone who knew her fell in love with her. Her spirit was so strong and vibrant.

Lucy's short life has brought so many people to their knees, pleading to their Father in Heaven. She has brought me so much closer to my Savior. I believe one of Lucy's missions while on this earth was to teach us to see life through our spiritual eyes. To turn to the Savior to find answers and understanding. As section 101 says, “Wherefore, fear not even unto death; for in this world your joy is not full, but in me (Jesus Christ), your joy is full.”

I remember hearing stories of when our brother passed away. My oldest sister and I were were most likely to understand our mother’s pain. But Eliza, the baby of the family, was the one who would sit by her side, day after day offering comfort; understanding her pain. She helped our mom through an extremely painful time. She is so empathetic. During the darkest hours of Liza's life she offered those around her comfort, and said so wisely, "Lucy was not just mine."

I'm so grateful we know the plan of happiness. This life is not the end for their little family. Lucy will be with them again. This life will be extra long for Chuck and Eliza, but someday they will be together again. I can't imagine anything harder than what they have and will yet have to go through, but I know they will get through it. My prayer is that we can learn to see with our spiritual eyes so that veil which separates us from Lucy can grow thin.

Joseph Smith teaches us, “All your losses will be made up to you in the resurrection, provided you continue faithful. By the vision of the Almighty I have seen it.”

Thank you Lucy for changing me. Through my minimal sacrifices in your behalf the Lord has changed me. He has softened my heart and brought me closer to Him. I am changed after holding you in my arms and partaking of your sweet little spirit. I am changed from the countless times I dropped to my knees to plead with Him in your behalf. My journal is laced over the last year with spiritual experiences that have happened to me and my family because of your little life. Lucy, you have changed me in ways no one else could and I am eternally indebted to you for that. I will always love you. xoxo


Megan said...

I am so sorry for your loss Carlie. Your family will be in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your testimony. love ya

Chuck said...

Thanks Carlie. It's amazing and wonderful to me that Lucy was able to bring you closer to Christ throughout her life. I feel like I have been ignoring the promptings to do the same since I have been so busy with life and Lucy and Jack and Hazel. It wasn't until very recently that I have learned to pray, and try to earnestly seek the the spirit as my guide. I have fasted and prayed many times this past week, and I feel like the spirit was trying to tell me to prepare to let God take her. I know it was never my choice, but it was my will that I had to give up. I'm still trying to give it up.

Mc Kay said...

Carlie, what a beautiful post. Isn't that Gods way, to set up circumstances that make us rely on him. In this way Lucy partnered with God to drive many of us to our knees and closer to him.

I miss her big toothy grin, her hand gestures, her bravery. I give her high marks for a well lived life.

Thanks for your post.


DizzyLizzy said...

Thanks, Carlie. Very wise and beautiful, comforting words. My heart has been deeply touch these last few months by your family. I pray for all of you now and in the coming months.
Much love!

Becca Jane said...

Beautiful, Carlie. Thanks for writing this. Your entire family has been in my thoughts and prayers. Love you all!

Abraham and Sara said...

Oh Carlie! Such beautiful and wise words. Thank you. What an amazing family you have. I am grateful that I am a distant part of it.

While I never met Lucy, I feel like I know her through all of your family's blogs. She was lucky to have you all in her life.

You are wonderful.


Allison said...

I too felt like I knew little Lucy and loved her as if I did. I wish my little family could have been there to support yours this past week, but know that many prayers have been sent your way from the Lacey family. I am in awe of the strength of Chuck and Eliza, and look to them as examples of faith. We love you guys and hope to see you in the near future.

Lauren said...

My heart is breaking for your family and the loss of sweet Lucy. She is such a doll. Isn't it amazing how one so small can make such a difference in the world in such a short amount of time? You are so strong and wise Carlie! You guys are in my thoughts and prayers. XOXO