Monday, April 25, 2011

Two Great Movies

Last week we saw two great movies, in the movie theater. I guess we are entering a new phase in life where all our children will sit through a movie in a theater. It's a great stage. If you're not here yet, I will come for you too.

My dad told me once, "a good vacation is one which changes your perspective on life."

I'd like to add, a good film is one which takes you to a new place in the world.

So we saw African Cats
We lived among the African wildlife for an hour and a half. Thrilling and so amazing. We all walked out asking, how did they film that?

And Rio

Where we basked in the 3d-cartoon-version-sun of Rio De Janeiro and soared over the city on a paraglider. It was almost as good as a vacation.

If you're itchin for a trip, just go see one of these instead.

PS, Hollywood film people, could you please make a movie here, here and here...

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jbuppin said...

If you've ever played Angry Birds (a phone application), you will notice that they are based on each other. My husband has the game on his phone and his kids and I love it, so naturally we loved the movie, Rio. :)