Monday, December 13, 2010

All I have to say is WOW!

I presented the idea of "FEED THE CHILDREN VALLARTA" to my kids' school for their December service project and they loved it. They held a "Penny War." Each class had a jar in which they would collect pennies each day. For 5 minutes in the morning the kids could use any silver coins they brought to "bomb" other classes. when they put silver coins in other classes jars, it would count against their pennies. All I have to say is BRILLIANT! There was so much hype from the kids that the school ended it a week early!
These gradeschoolers raised $2400 for other grade school kids in Mexico.
Way to go Cougars!
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Ashley said...

Wow! That is amazing. So cool Carlie :)

Chuck and Eliza said...

That's really great. What a fun thing for the kids.

Katie said...

That is so exciting!!!