Friday, September 3, 2010

Midnight hours make me dramatic

This is how my night went (after being home all week with my 4 kids and no dad)

9:00pm-Hubby calls from Hawaii to tell me he's headed to the airport

12:45am-Hubby calls to tell me his plane is missing an engine part (What?) and he wouldn't be leaving until a new part was flown in from Honolulu (second flight from HI this year with engine trouble-stupid delta). Said he'll text me with an update.

1:45am-Check phone, no update

2:45am-Check phone, no update

3:45am-Check phone, no update

4:45am-you get the point

6:15am-someone starts crying so now I'm awake enough to get online and check flight status...still in Hawaii! Text hubby..."stupid, stupid, delta! You're still there?"

6:30am-Phone rings, he's just leaving and he proceeds to tell me that he sat on the tarmac while the mechanic put the new part in the engine. He heard the engine turn on then off with some terrible noises. Next thing, a lady over the intercom comes on and says they will be boarding now. He tells me he loves me and to tell the kids he loves them if I don't see him again.

7:00am-Check flight status.

7:30am-Check flight status.

8:00am-Check flight status.

8:30am-You get the point.

11:00am-Find awesome new website where you can actually watch the plane in the sky. Who knew a website you bring such relief? Sounds dumb, but seeing that little airplane moving closer and closer to shore was a big relief. They'll even text you with alerts!

Awesome, awesome website!

Stupid, stupid Delta!

View from hubby's home away from home

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Spence and Aiona ... said...

ew, I'm sorry! that is so scary and frustrating. I love that you can watch the planes progress though, I bet that helps calm the nerves! you should have let me know, than I could have watched the kids while you napped! let me know! <3