Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Brother

My brother returned home yesterday from a 2 year mission for our church. He served in Ventura, California where he shared our beliefs with the people there. I'm so proud of him and his service. What a selfless thing for a 19 year old to give up two years of his young life to help others find truth. Missionary work and sharing the gospel is a big part of our church. CJane explains it so much better than I could in this post. We have a great gift of knowledge that we want to share with everyone who wants to hear about it.
One of the things we believe is that when people are married for time and all eternity, they can be together forever, even after death. I went to a funeral today for a 29 year old man who left behind a wife of 2 years and a big extended family. What a sad day. Yet I know that there's a silver lining. This life is not all there is. His family will see him again. This isn't the end.

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