Friday, May 28, 2010

It's all in the picture

My explanation for not posting for nearly a month.
1. We got our wood floors refinished and a new back door installed.
2. a new puppy
3. We are building some crazy tall baseboards-they still need paint and a few finishing touches
4. I've painted my whole main level blue.
5. My husband is out of the picture (he left me all week for work in Hawaii)
6. Not to mention my mom's two broken arms, 3 cracked ribs and staples in her head all from taking a dive off her front porch in attempts to hang her mother's day flowers. It's been kinda cool to take care of her for a minute, instead of the other way around.

Life seems to come in waves, doesn't it?
The barren look is growing on me. The house is a lot easier to clean, there is a lot less things for kids to break, less rugs to vacuum, less toys to be chewed, and just a whole lot less clutter. Maybe I'll keep all the main floor decor stuffed away in the living room for a while (The kids are building some great forts in that mess of a room)!

Today's the first day of summer vacation and I can't wait. I noticed today after just a few hours of boredom that they start to use their imaginations (forts and dress-ups all in one afternoon). That doesn't happen much when their lives are so scheduled with school, homework and extras. After starting this book I'm so grateful my kids can have such an untroubled childhood at the moment.

Here are my goals for summer
1. Work less, play more.
2. Spend less, give more.
3. Eat less, move more.
4. More time outside, less in front of this computer screen.
5. Watch less, read more.
6. Scream less, sing more.
7. More time with family.
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Stephanie said...

LOVE your goals for summer. So great!

sorry to hear about your mom! I hope she's recovering with all of your loving attention :)