Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We had a great time on our first cruise, the honeymoon we never got! You can tell by the one and only jacket I took and am wearing in every shot that it was a little chilly but we managed to see the sun a little each day. I tried my hardest to be adventurous on this trip and I did a lot of firsts...
-snorkeling- loved and hated it all at the same time!
-zip-lined through the jungle-funniest moment when we rode together as a couple and instead of stopping us at the end, Jeff was posing for the picture (That picture is coming).
-Visited Belize and Honduras
-Was away from my kiddies way too long
-Eating strange foods, including cactus tacos, and escargot
-Visiting Mayan Ruins
-Seeing monkeys and crocodiles in the wild (as well as dolphins, and manatees)
-Made no phone calls for an entire week!
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Ashley said...

Carlie, where did you go on your cruise? We just got back from the Virgin Islands. I love trips :)

Ashley said...

Yes, Chase will be there on T/TH am. What about yours?

Abraham and Sara said...

Fun! We are leaving for Belize April 4th. Good to know that maybe I should take a few sweat shirts :)