Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I had a weird day. I have been husband-less (work trip to Yellowstone), busy with Holy Cow next week (which I only realized last night after thinking it was 3 weeks away), trying to keep 4 kiddies happy while dad's absent, planning for my upcoming trip to Kansas City (hoping there's no swine flu), and just feeling scatter-brained (as usual). Yet my mind has been filled with thoughts, mostly good all day. I feel calm and tolerant and happy (the first 2 are not normal for me).

After an experience a few weeks ago, I have been thinking a lot about thankfulness. Dispite my crazy life, I have so much to be thankful for, to God, to my family, to friends and neighbors, and especially to my kids for everything they teach me. I want to share my thankfulness and not let anyone I appreciate go untold. I am terrible at Thank-You notes, which I often feel are unnecessary and impersonal. Maybe that's weird of me, but I wish people would just tell me thanks rather than sending a note (weeks or months after the fact) with no hug or smile to go along with it. Anyways, I think being thankful is good for the soul. It reminds you of how rich your life really is and gives you perspective. It helps you see your trials in a different light and with less emphasis. I think it does more for us than is does for those we are thankful to. So, here goes. This is my list. Everything I can think of in this moment that I am thankful for.

1. A husband who loves his family and works hard to support us (even when it means being gone 6 out of the last 10 business days)
2. a mom who helps me when he's gone
3. a neighbor to call on in a pickle
4. Hugs and kisses from the kiddies
5. a letter from Michael
6. Sisters to talk to
7. Friends to work out with (when hubbie's home, sorry ladies, maybe next week!)
8. Help with my steadily growing business (yay for my new part-time employee!)
9. My business, which provides a much needed creative outlet, as well as a little spending money 10. Trips to plan
11. a Heavenly Father to turn to
12. a faith in Him and His plan
13. Tender Mercies from Him to remind me of His daily presence in my life

14. spring flowers
15. Birds that chirp (and wake up the babies who then come snuggle in with me)
16. Children with passion (for riding horses, collecting football cards, building "choo-choo trax" and playing in the sandbox)
17. A great home in a wonderful, safe, clean, beautiful area.
18. An alarm system (for when hubbie's gone)
19. My new cruiser
20. a babysitter (for some sanity and grocery shopping)
21. Date-night
22. Waking up before the sun comes up (not this week)
23. A dentist to fix all my teeth problems
24. Trips to the park (it's a big year for me...I can now watch on the side lines instead of climb through tunnels and go down slides with babies not quite old enough)
25. The big, beautiful, crisp Utah sky (much different from the CA, OR, or WA sky I know)

26. My sewing machine
27. My thoughts and emotions (though sometimes out of wack)
28. Experiences that teach me
29. People, all the wonderful people that my Heavenly Father has put in my path to teach me, help me, love me, care for me and for me to hopefully do the same in return.

Thank you. Thank you.

number 24. The big Utah sky (and mountain) I get to see every day. No picture can do it justice. On a sunny day, it's like putting on your new prescription glasses after years of squinting. It's crisp and sharp and beautiful.

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Cori said...

I can completely relate, we have so much to be grateful for living in this wonderful area.