Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm Published!

So what that it was in a tiny publication and that I wasn't credited as the author (I had a sneaking suspicion that would happen so I quoted myself in the middle paragraph) and that they spelled my blog (blo) wrong and that the information isn't relevant now that the law was changed, right? It's still in print!
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BeccaJane said...

So my mom gave me one of your binkie clips for Allie, but it doesn't fit the MAM pacifier that she uses....I'm sad!!

BeccaJane said...

904 University Village
SLC, UT 84108

Can I send you a check?

Aubrey said...

Yay Carly! That's great! I bet abyone who is smart will know that it's 'bloGspot'.

BeccaJane said...

THANK YOU for the mam clippie and the CUTE headband, I LOVE IT!! So sweet of you!