Friday, January 9, 2009

If You've Ever...

-bought a handmade hair bow for your daughter
-Shopped from children's boutiques who carry handmade items
-Shopped on etsy for toys, hats, baby jewelry
-bought anything from me
-bought your kids a toy from your local craft fair

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE write your congressmen and tell them how you feel. The majority of small business manufacturers will be closing their doors if the government doesn't make some changes.

Here's what to do...It can be done online and won't take you more that a few minutes!

Find your Representatives and Senators, and fill out a form letter (add some personal info) here.


Angie Whitman said...

Carlie!! You need to get on facebook (and Katie!). Danny Driggs just started a group for Kaiserslautern Youth. It is so fun! People have been uploading pictures! Tell Lindsay and anyone else you still keep in touch with from Germany. If you just add me (by doing a search) then you can get to the link!:)
Hope your Christmas was great!

jess said...

hey car... this is the etsy link i was telling you about: