Saturday, October 4, 2008


Ten years ago I...
1. Was 20
2. was attending BYU
3. was almost engaged to my hubby
4. was living in the appts I would soon manage (not knowing at the time of course)
5. was having a ball living with my favorite girls

5 things on today's to-do list...
1. Run errands (costco, smiths, expedx)
2. Make binkie clips
3. Make carameled apples with my kiddies
4. Watch General Conference
5. Make more binkie clips

5 snacks I enjoy...
1. goldfish
2. diet coke
3. beef jerky (turkey)
4. string cheese
5. peanut butter

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire...
1. Open a fabric store
2. Pay of houses
3. Build a cabin
4. Hire a chef and a cleaning lady
5. give some away

5 places I have lived...
1. Utah
2. Oregon
3. Washington
4. California
5. New Orleans, Korea, Germany (okay that's 7)

5 Jobs I have had...
1. Entrepreneur
2. Apartment Manager
3. Physician's office helper/Secretary/errand girl
4. Weed picker in a nursery (lasted 4 days)
5. Ticket-taker at byu games

I tag... Stephanie, Mariel, Jessica, Emily, Chuck


The Connors Mistress said...

Who knew a random blog I would run into while looking at other "competitors" on Tip Junkie's Shop-a-Thon would be LDS, too....:) Your stuff is really cute and it gives me inspiration that I can continue doing this even after kid #2 comes along...keep up the good work :)

BeccaJane said...

Yay Korea! Wow, a ticket-taker at BYU games...did you get to watch all the games? If so, I could handle that job! :)
I'm going to buy my baby girl a bracelet pretty soon.