Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Okay, so I feel like I should be saving my money, not spending right now (too much news media). I need some new makeup but I have been avoiding the MAC counter because I know I can't walk away with just one or two things. I found this company and I can get everything I need (seven items) for $7! What, you say? Ya, SEVEN DOLLARS! I don't know how they can be so cheap but I guess their products are okay since they have been featured in EVERY beauty and fashion magazine ever!

You all probably know about them already, but I have never heard of them. I'll let you know what I think!


Ashley said...

Cool! Thanks for sharing. Let me know how it is. I love a good buy!

jess said...

don't waste your $7... i fell for it about a year ago and was so excited (i thought it had to be good too since it was all over magazines and i think it was even on oprah) - anyways - the product was total crap. like, i'm not sure if i've used any of it more than twice - you know - once to try it out with extreme disappointment and again just to make sure i wasn't being to picky and wasting money. seriously - don't bother. sorry to burst your bubble!

Emily said...

I agree with Jess. I tried them a year or two ago and still have most of it, unused after the first time...sorry