Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Awesome LA

Can I just tell you that I love California. If only everyone else didn't love it too! My mom and I left SLC Friday morning and flew into LAX. We saw Tori Spelling after getting off our plane. No paparazzi, although that would have made it a lot more interesting. We drove straight to the Fashion District. I found great deals on minky, hair bows (which I left in the rental car), and lots of notions. We were there until 4 or so and decided on a whim to go to Disneyland (DON'T TELL MY KIDS!!!). Neither of us had been without kids so we thought it would be fun. It was so crowded! Everyone was there for Halloween and we were only able to go on 3 rides from 6 to 11ish. It was fun though. We drove back to our hotel and crashed.

Saturday we went right back to the district and this time we were on the prowl for personal stuff (handbags, sunglasses, wallets, clothes). We went down Santee Alley, which felt more like Mexico or Korea. Lots of knock-offs, tons of people, and each store felt kind of like a whole in the wall. We shopped for a few hours and headed to Chinatown for Yang Chow, the best Chinese food ever. Their slippery shrimp is amazing! That's about all there was to my trip. It was tons of fun and I think we will make this a yearly thing. We only saw a portion of the district so we have years of exploring still to do.


Stephanie said...

How fun! I definitely want to go one of these times. I want to see pictures of all the goodies you came home with!

Katie said...

That sounds so fun!! And Happy Birthday!!!