Monday, June 23, 2008

New Blog!

So I am lacking in many areas in my life, but one of the worst is my cooking. I am terrible at planning menus and making meals on a regular basis. My husband has 17 food allergies and is picky on top of that, which really doesn't help! I decided to start a blog so we can share dinner ideas and support each other in this endless task. Join me, please! just leave me your email or email me at carlie(at)babybintz(dot)com to become a contributor. I need your wisdom! And hopefully the fact that I have to post my menus will help me come up with some good dinners!


marandvince said...

Carlie, you're so funny! You're not the only one, actually, count me in! Nowadays, I hardly do any cooking . . . my husband does it. But you can be sure I'll be a frequent visitor of your new blog. Haha~Mar

Shannon said...

Oh my 17 food allergies?!!! I cant imagine how difficult it is for you to come up with something to make for your family.