Monday, June 9, 2008

Isn't the internet cool?

I just love all the resources available to us on the internet and I know I only use or are aware of a few of them. One of my favorites is Big Huge Labs. It's a flickr site, but you don't have to use flickr to use their tools. I especially love the mosaic maker, but they have tons of cool tools. You'll notice lots of my posts have mosaics of my pictures. It's a good way to display multiple pictures. I'd love to hear all of your secret internet weapons!


Stephanie said...

Ooh! I can't wait to try this site out. I've been wondering how to make mosaics! Thanks Carlie :)

My favorite site right now is You can do really cool effects with your photos and clean them up. It's kind of like a free photoshop!

Mariel said...

i might have to start using this site. i was wondering how you did your mosaics! it saves having to put a bunch of photos up in a blog post. it sounds silly, but sometimes i just don't like the way my posts look because there are just too many photos, but i want to put all of the pictures up! thanks, carlie!