Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm Sew Excited!


I went to my local Bernina's shop to get a button fixed on my machine today. Not only did they replace the part for free (love those warranties) while I waited, but they showed me how to make ruffles with a special ruffle foot. Oh my gosh, no more basting and pulling threads only to have them break! The foot can be asjusted so you can make pleats (like the shirt pictured) or ruffles like on skirst and dresses. Pleats

I wanted to make a shirt like this for the 4th but thought the pleats would be too hard. Not any more! Yeah! There are so may cool accessories I am learning about.

Also, I found out that they have summer camps for kids and teen ages 8 and above. So if you have a child that likes to create or sew, that would be so fun. They make something each day, a bag, apron, pillow, and a skirt. Cool, huh?

No need for this pic, just thought it was cute.

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Stephanie said...

That is so cool! Skyler asked me if she could sew when I was making her skirt a few months ago. I guess that should be her next gift (either Christmas or her birthday). It's never too soon to learn!

I love that last picture. Too cute!