Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Shop!

Okay, I decided I didn't have enough on my plate and life was getting dull (ya right, it's never dull with 4 kiddies) so I opened a new shop! I have found my true love and just can't get enough of her. Her name's Bernina. She's a little old and outdated, but does the trick! I never get to sew in the day, but I've been staying up late and hope to come up with some cute stuff in the near future! I named it MJ Baby (for Max and Jessica, my 2 babies).


Stephanie said...

Everything is SO darling, Carlie! Great work. I can't believe you're starting something new but if anyone can do it, it's you!

Aubrey said...

Carlie, Carlie, are AMAZING, and maybe a little crazy, but I like it that way. Those clothes really are so cute, I think you are doing everyone a favor by making them. Pile that plate high!