Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Holy Cow!

It's Holy Cow time again! Visit the show in Pleasant Grove at the Rec Center (take the Purple Turtle road) this Wed-Saturday 9-8, except Saturday which is 9-5! This has been my best stocked show thanks to my 3 worker bees! Thanks girls! This little rack is my favorite new addition. A few skirts, shirts and dresses


Stephanie said...

Please send pictures of your booth and all your items when the show is over! The picture here is too small to see details. I need more!

Good Luck Carlie!

Jinii said...

I went to the show last night and you had some really cute silky type blankets. There was one that was like a deep purple with gold in it that had a snag in the fabric. Would you be able to make more? Love the new clips on the binki holders by the way. Can we get just a clip for a holder we already have?