Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cool Tools

I am so excited about the new tools that Stop Staring and Start Sewing introduced me to. This one's really cool for turning tubes. Yea, no more finger work!

Now I won't have to use bias tape like I did for the straps on this dress.


Stephanie said...

you mean tubes of fabric sewn together? That's cool. I always just used a dowel or something similar. Good to know :)

Carlie said...

I added a pic so you can see what I'm talking about. A dowel...genious you are Stephanie! I never thought of that!

Angie Whitman said...

Carlie...thank you for posting the tooth picture. I wasn't sure if that was you. This is Angie (Decker). So funny to write that last name after 10 years of marriage! Your dresses are adorable. I do remember you making your own bedding in Germany, don't I?? Does Katie have a blog, too? I still am laughing cause I don't even know how I got to your blog! I'm glad I found you..after like well, we'll just not say how long its been!:) What is your family up to? Where does everyone live? love, Angie
Check out my family's blog:

Angie Whitman said...

That is so fun that your whole fam is together! I did run into your parents a few years back?? at a restaurant in Utah. Your dad was who I recognized. He looked the exact same. Tell your parents hi. I have so many great memories with your family! You have some great parents. My parents are in Houston, Tx, we live in Gilbert, AZ (& Justin in Mesa. Todd just moved here a month ago), Nicole is in S. Carolina, Traci in Santaquinn, UT, & Travis is in Sandy, UT. I don't know if you knew the older ones. Life is crazy and full of ups and downs..but its so worth it! Do you still keep in contact with Kim (tall girl, your downstairs neighbor?). Anyone else from Germany? I hear from Michelle Sparr every once in awhile (she lives in Utah) & I used to talk to Charlene Russ. She lived in AZ for awhile, but we lost touch when she moved. I got a wedding announcement from Barbara Boone!! She just got married like 2 years ago, I want to say! Crazy! I did much better keeping in contact with people a few years back...Steph Supplee lived up there in UT, but I haven't talked to her since I was pregnant with my first baby. I went & saw Sis Hilbus right before I got engaged on our way thru Las Vegas one year. The Driggs live here in Mesa & when my parents come in town we sometimes get together. I wish everyone kept blogs...that would be a little surreal to find out what everyone is up to now! Tell Katie that I can still picture in my head her handwritting. I think we must of written way too many notes back then for me to remember the way she wrote and her purple/pink ink and happy faces after every sentence!
I am amazed at your seamstress abilities and creativeness. So awesome! Looks like you are keeping busy with everything. Let's keep in contact!:)