Monday, March 24, 2008

New Clips!

Okay, so after almost 5 years I think I found it! The only complaint I have ever had about my Binkie Clips was about the actual clip. It was a bit abrasive and would wear the ribbon down if it was over-used. The new clip that will soon be on all of our Binkie Clips Is so much nicer. I had them manufactured just for us! They are round so there are no sharp edges, the ribbon wraps around a nice smooth bar and they are a lot cuter! I'm even working on getting out logo on the front. Hope you enjoy!

For anyone who has one of our Binkie Clips and would like it re-strung with our new clip, we will have instructions under customer service in a few weeks when our pictures are all up!

1 comment:

Abraham and Sara said...

I love these new clips! Carlie you are wonderful!