Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Never Give Up!

So I wanted to feature this seller but I wanted to wait until I got the necklace I ordered.

I started running in January (after taking a very long sabbatical) and have been training for a half marathon with some friends. I have never run farther than a 5K so this was a very big deal for me. After 6 weeks of training I found out yesterday that I have stress fractures in both legs. I can't run for at least a month, depending on how quickly I can heal. This came as a huge shock to me since I finally started to believe that I was capable of finishing this race. Anyways, I am not out of it yet. I am just hoping for the best and am going to do my physical therapy religiously. ANYWHOO, After this crazy news I was so sad and came home, checked my mail, and found this great little package. I had ordered this awhile ago and since it was a custom order it took a little while. It was so unexpected and such a perfect ending to my day. Mine says, "never give up." Thanks Accessory a la Mode! I love it!


BeccaJane said...

I'm sorry you can't run! What a bummer! I've been starting to run too, but I can't get too into it until this crazy snow stops! That is a cool necklace! Where are you living? It would be fun to get together at my parent's house sometime!!

Mique said...

Carlie- I'm so glad that you ordered that necklace and that it came on such a perfect day. I totally know how you're feeling. Just hang in there- it'll all work out. Thinking of you!