Friday, January 25, 2008

ahh, the life of a stay-at-home-mom!

So, after reading my blog a friend of my husband's asked him, "what does your wife do all day?"

Well, let me fill you in on a little secret. In between blogging,changing diapers, going to doctors appointments, planning vacations, organizing closets, making meals and throwing birthday parties , here's the profile of this stay-at-home-momma.

Mother of 4 (2 under2)

Homemaker, housekeeper

Primary President

Business owner (supplying 45 stores in 16 states with my products, and possibly going international in the coming months)

Real estate mogul

Runner (currently at 12 miles a week), okay jogger

Here's what I DON'T get done during the day...

-I don't take naps

-I don't watch TV (unless I'm sewing)

-And I don't eat Bon Bons

So the next time you men out there wonder what your wife is doing during the day (while you are busy reading blogs, checking stupid emails and going out to lunch), just remember that she might be getting done a lot more than you think!

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Madsen Family said...

Hear, Hear, Carlie! If there is anyone whose resume is impressive--I would have to say it is yours. As for me in my current station in life, my days are filled with a lot more tv watching and bon-bon eating:) I just want to make sure I'm well rested for the coming events....However, I admire your tenacity and ability to get so much done in the day! You go-girl! AND, I'm excited your business is going international. You never, never cease to amaze me. You are the epitome of a modern day woman!