Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Love my Bumbo!

I have a 4 month old who can't quite sit up. She wants to be involved and look around and get tired of laying on her back. The Bumbo is a great solution. I can sit her next to me while I get things done and she can see everything going on around her. I heard that the Comsumer Product Safety Commission issued a voluntary recall for the Bumbo. Of course you need to use caution. I would hope no parent would leave their baby in one while not watching them. Everything can be harmful to a baby if they are left alone. It is frustrating to have great products recalled just becasue people aren't using them the way they were intended. Besides, my Bumbo has had many other uses by my older children. It's been a hat, a diaper, a pretend toilet when they are playing house, a doll chair, and a footbal mask. I love my Bumbo!

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